Community Fait Trade was created by a group of Yoga Therapists and Yogi’s and healers from India, Nepal, Tibet and the United States. In order to create a much more respectful way of sharing India’s sacred knowledge CFT by it’s founder Ravshiva and partners designed a code of ethics that transcends the boundaries of human limitations, bias and prejudice by upholding the sacred teachings of the ancient sages  and yogi’s who gave us this infinite wisdom that we use to heal and share with the rest of the world. It is our honor to give back to these indigenous peoples and their sacred cultures. Everyone who becomes a part of CFT is helping to give that integrity and compassion back to its roots. Join a community that will keep the lineage of love and compassion alive for all to know.


…Realized Quotes:


“Our senses are like using braille to the soul”

                                                            Rav Shiva